Parts of texture blend into other parts

All of the colors of all of my textures blend into each other where they meet in JME even the transparency color does  They are all 64x64 .pngs with a single color selected as the transparency being textured onto 64x64 quads.  This is all in Ortho mode.

I created a 512x512 texture and this problem does not happen.

These are small, but you can still see the difference.  Here is the original

here is the one in JME notice the edges.

Bump anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

screenshot would help

You should try to turn off texture compression, I don't recall how right now but there are several threads on the forum on that. It's some parameter in TextureManager.loadTexture(). Also, I would avoid to use indexed color model PNGs because under some conditions ImageIO loads them incorrectly (in my experience at least, with windows OS).