PATCH jme-nifty-renderer: get nifty object in NiftyNode

Hi void,

I need the ability to get the nifty-object out of the NiftyNode for works I want to handle outside of a ScreenController. Therefore I added a getNifty()-method.

Actually I wasn't so sure where to post the patch but as this is more jme-related I decided to do it in the jME-forum. If you would like it in the nifty-forum, just tell me.

Index: src/main/java/de/lessvoid/nifty/jme/render/
--- src/main/java/de/lessvoid/nifty/jme/render/   (revision 834)
+++ src/main/java/de/lessvoid/nifty/jme/render/   (working copy)
@@ -68,4 +68,15 @@
+    /**
+     *
+     * get the underlying nifty-object
+     *
+     * @return Nifty
+     */
+   public Nifty getNifty() {
+      return nifty;
+   }
No newline at end of file

Hi there,

I've commited it to svn! Thanks! :slight_smile:

And JME related things belong to the jme forum, I think :slight_smile: The JME2-Renderer was created by forum member larynx and he shared it first in here. So here is the right place for it :smiley: