Path Finding

Hello all.

I have a question about jMonkey and path finding.

What is a good route to look into with path finding? Say for an example something like this:

  • = ai object to make its way around the barricade.

    [][] = obstacles.




I've seen examples of a* path finding, And have read some posts here mentioning a node base approach.
Just curious as to what someone in the know would recommend for using either of these type of avoidance with
jmonkeyengine. And it's safe to assume that I'd use a terrain grid built with the terrain editor. and for the most part just one terrain quad.

Thanks for any input.

Defining Points of Interest in your scene… and paths between them as “helpers” is never a bad idea.

This way, your AI Pathing can rely on these to do the majority of the work.

NPC is trying to get to POI5…

First step, find the closest POI (in this scenario we’ll say it is POI2.

Determine Line of Sight to POI2. Assuming it is a yes…

Find the shortest path from POI2 to POI5. (In this scenario we’ll say it is POI2, POI4, POI6, POI5)

Use the helper paths between these major points of interest to get to your target.

Now… Assuming you didn’t have Line of Sight to the initial POI. Running simulated attempts using ray casting is an option… but only if you use something similar to the above to ensure you do this as infrequently as possible.

@sploreg pointed out a lot of resources relevant to your query in this post:

Thanks guys!