Path Mapping

Need to allow players to walk to a certain point, on the way want them to avoid walking through buildings.

Anyone know any good path techniques ??

A* is pretty common for that, I think. But read up on path finding on the net. It really depends on your world setup which algorithm is best suited.

A* is ok and very easy to implement! (and lots of resources for it on the net)

(and if you ask mojo nicely, he can tell you how the predecessor, djikstra’s algorithm works  }:-@)

but for 3d-world pathfinding, other methods are prefered…like those implemented by this great lib:

Kewl, found A* with a java implementation

Mojo - would be nice if you have djikstra's algorithm please( was that nicely asked ). Would this be something for the physics API ??

Pathengine does look very good - but not sure how easy it is to integrate, and then how it can be adapted.

as allways, every lib needs JNI wrapping  :x

i have an A* implementation as well…would you mind posting the one you found? (or a link) would be nice to get the cleanest version, and incorporate into jme(jmex) somehow…

My refernce comes from an old book. I have not yet typed it in and tested.

The book is killer Game programming ( java )

The source is from chapter 13

Chapter 13. An Isometric Tile Game

The link has a pdf explaining it as well as the source ( just a few methods with an arraylist ). see page 30 of the pdf

The source is also there.

I will look to implement later this week, ill post up a simplegame implementation ( thats if Mojo's version isnt ready to go )

Mojo - have you  djikstra's algorithm  please

heheh, kidney, Mr. Coder was making a bit of a joke. Djikstra's algorithm is a question I was asked during my interview. It's just a general algorithm for solving weighted distances (shortest path, etc):

A* is what you'd want to look at for actual implementation (and then you'll want to expand on A* to "beautify" it).

Lol, well pull the wool over me eyes…

Well, one of my tasks is to implement this in a 3d scene graph dynamically - as in building up obstacles on the fly