Pathfinding in jME?

I've been doing lots of pathfinding programming lately because of a school course I took. I'm wondering if jME developers are interested in adding a pathfinding package into the jME library?

I made a demo program for pathfinder algorithms;

Interesting…not sure it really belongs in jME, but the AI API I'm working on might benefit from some of the code. :o

Possibly… it is hard to abstract pathfinding algorithms and data structures so it works with any type of game. But I'm pretty sure providing simple pathfinding package, with A* and maybe Dijkstra, would be beneficial to many people.

My demo app isn't abstract enough, but the experience I've gained from doing it can be used to create a better package.

But yes, it's very beneficial. I've discovered that pathfinding can be a very elusive subject, it can take lots of time to do a bad implementation of A*, time which programmers might think is better spent doing something else.

I'd be interested in this if it can be abstracted to a useful but still productive level.  Sometimes you abstract things so much that it's almost as much work to implement it within the "framework" as it would be to just code it from scratch.

Still, I'll be watching for anything to come from this.  I've only ever implemented A* and would be curious to learn about other pathfinding methods.