Pattern Movement Problem

I told u that there are problems with this controller

i will show u the result i am at now

maybe u can find my problem easier with some knowledge missing me.

Although this demo is workable and you'll see the problem very early

hope to hear from u soon

no idea how to fit this ?

You did post code only - no description of your actual problem. That would be the reason why nobody answers, I guess…

this code tries to make up an controller for movement

there's an inner class ControlData filled with infos on how to move.

In this case it should do an Action like this.

Move 20 units; turn by 90 degrees; Move 20 units, turn 90 degrees; Move 20 units; turn 90 degrees; Move 20 Units; Turn 90 degrees

if u think of this pattern the object moves in a quite perfect square.

In this Example he moves 20 units, then returns to the origin and turns 90 degrees, walks another 20 units into the new direction and returns to the origin, then turns from the origin 180 degrees as he should turn 2*90, so even here it is impossible for me to steer correct.

Why does he ancher into this origin and how do i move this origin with the pattern as it should be ?

i wanted to get out the predefined behaviour of a Square and got an behaviour like an X with its Origin in the middle

Any explenations left ?

tell me

i even think this controller maybe completely wrong to work as i want