PBR LightProbe from pre rendered TextureCubeMap

I’m currently playing with the PBRisReady branch and I find it amazing. Currently, the only way to create LightProbes is by using the LightProbeFactory which generates the cubemaps based on the EnvironmentCamera. This process takes time and might not be the best solution for “Static” LightProbes contain every time the same generated cubemap.
So my question is, is it possible to save the cubemaps as images and then load the images to create LightProbes?

Short answer is yes.
You can save the scene as a J3o in game and the probes will be saved along with the textures.

Also you can build the SDK from this branch and you’ll be able to do it inside the Scene composer directly.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll investigate this way.
BTW keep on with the good work ;).