PBR Terrain & Converter Utility


Does your model also have a roughness, metallic, and AO map?

Alone, a normal map does not does not do as much as it may seem. I notice a drastic graphical improvement on any models that have an AmbientOcclusion map in addition to the normal map.

That’s why I am also working on a version of the shader to support texture arrays and allow for AO, roughness, and metallic maps - otherwise the terrain will never be as detailed as a standard model, as it can currently use only a normal and albedo map.


trully, im not familiar with AO maps and im not sure how to do/use them.

my workflow was only albedo/normal/ (metal/roughtness) .

if you could tell me how to use this, and you say it look way better, im interested.

edit: ok im baking AO in blender cycles render, will see how it look


I learned how to utilize each map to its fullest potential by analzying the models on sketchfab using the “Model Inspector” button down at the bottom right of the model preview window. Even if you don’t purchase a model, you can still inspect it to see the individual albedo map, normal map, AO map, etc. - and then also view the final render

I spent alot of time looking at and inspecting models on sketchfab - comparing the ‘final render’ version of a model to what it looks like with only the ‘BaseColor’.

Although I guess that would be getting into a topic of its own, related to making the most of the PBR shader, and how the artist’s approach differs from the Phong workflow



anyway in earlier image i just used your terrain shader (it work in IDE because i have ShaderLibs in project)

not sure if AO will change something, but will try


Glad to hear that the terrain is working for you now :slightly_smiling_face:


hope you will grant us with official cleaned/upgraded version when 3.3 stable :slight_smile:

anyway, great work!