Per Material Post Isolation and a rough post glass effect - WIP

I’ve been working on a material pattern for post isolation, its not finished yet, but so far… with a simple tweak, any material can have post filters applied to it alone rather than the entire scene. It can be used to blur only some items in a scene, use volumes to define where fog is to be draw, it’s a cornerstone of soft particles, and can be used for a post glass shader [discussed here].

The scene setup above is 10 randomly placed blue cubes, and a semi transparent yellow cube that is using a very simple post filter, it offsets the scene x by 0.05%. Even with such a simple test setup it has the beginnings of a decent glass type effect.

I can now move on to finishing some particle updates.


So post processing water in a confined space will be possible? Weee :slight_smile:

WOW!!! That’s awsome!!! That’s really nice.

@thetoucher oooooooh very nice work as usual!!

Volume heat distortion is the first idea that cross my mind!!!


cool stuff man! glad to have you around :slight_smile:

It does look really cool. I guess the downside for things like glass is that even the foreground is included in the refraction. Not sure there’s a good way around that, though.

@makeshift perhaps, possibly spheres

@mifth cheers man, if I take this any further I may need to borrow some of your glass work :wink:

@nehon @normen thanks guys :slight_smile:

@pspeed thanks, perhaps before getting the refracted pixel, I might be able to check the refracted depth and make sure its not closer than the depth of the current frag… of course not ideal and will probably lead to weird ghosting but I guess this is a very fast approximation, not a raytraced render. If I did a backface pass, the same trick could be used to achieve passable reflections perhaps.

Yeah, I think the trick will be faking the part of the scene that you don’t have since it was occluded. In most cases it probably doesn’t matter too much, I guess.