Performance Estimation / Blender Decimate Modifier


As I am new to the jmonkey engine I need a rough estimation on its simulation performance.

To improve the performance I have applied the decimate modifier in blender on a robot model (see file). Blender counts 656 vertices . After import into jmonkey and creating a scene with only this model and directional light, the jmonkey engine counts 8840 vertices.

On my I5-2520 CPU @ 2,5GHz with 4GB RAM and an Intel HD 3000 this scene is displayed at around 50fps.

Three questions:

  1. Why is the vertex count in jmonkey ten times higher?
  2. Can I somehow increase the performance without complete re modelling?

    3. The target would be a simulation of three robots working (moving) together with enabled physics engine (collision detection) - is something like this possible?



3 robots each at 8000 vertices with collision should not be a problem for any reasonable spec pc.

Did you actually apply the decimate modifier or just attach it?

Be aware the flat shading will double (or more) the vertex count over smooth shading as you need to duplicate the vertices with different normals for each face.