Performance Issue


Me and a friend of mine decided to make our bachelor thesis in the JmonkeyPlatform.

I’ve read quite a lot about the basics of 3D programming and followed the beginner tutorials provided on the Jmonkey homepage.

After testing out some simple stuff I decided to try and make around 100’ish 1 by 1 world sized boxes(vectors). After that I wanted to apply collision on these objects in order to be able to walk on them although I ran into a problem. After being rendered I came up with about 1-5 FPS.

Now my question is could anyone provide me with some information related to this problem?

Boxes… Whats it about those boxes? Theres several threads on this “lotta boxes” topic, basically what you want to do cannot be done by normal computer systems nowadays. You have to “fake” like all games do or live with the fps.

First of all lots of objects (not one big mesh) is more work for your GPU, you should “batch” boxes that you dont move. Second, this large amount of single physics objects is creating way too much computing overhead. Here you should also combine shapes or move around / create collision objects where the player moves.

Does this “batching” method have any specific terminology so I can find some more documentation about it.

In the long run it should be possible for the player to add or remove any box.

Thanks for the insanely quick reply btw :slight_smile:

I’d create a mesh that can be transformed and looks like a lot of boxes in a certain configuration. Then you maybe add some boxes on top the player can play with and when you want that in other parts, you change the mesh and add the “real” physics boxes there. Look at “custom meshes” in the wiki for creating them.