Performance issues

hello everybody,

I'm just facing a problem about my jME3-Application being very slow. The App itself does not contain more than a GUI (NiftyGUI) and two boxes. So the game itself runs quite nicely. However when I try to drag another window over the frame of my App, it becomes obvious that the other programs are not calculated fast enough. It appears to me like the GPU is just taking care of calculating the GFX of my game and lacks to handle the other programs running. Moreover, it is very strange that this can be avoided by simply adding a FPS-Display.

Can someone tell me what is going wrong and how I can fix that??



You can try to enable Vsync.

it will set the fps of the game at around a stable 60 fps and let your GPU breathe.

You can set a framerate limit using AppSettings.


MyApp app = new MyApp();
AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);

i'm not absolutely sure, i have to try out several things.

however, i believe setting the FrameRate did the job.