Performance monitoring advice needed

I have never needed to track down any bottlenecks in my code before. With coding a game, this has changed. However since I have not done it before, I am hoping of getting some good advice from you.

What do you use for keeping track of memory usage, CPU usage etc? I have seen someone posting nice graph-like results that seems to indicate more advanced options exist than doing checking myself with some Java calls. I know google gives a number of results for these topics, but I am wondering what you have found to be best for use with games and jME in particular?

Did not find any good matches on the forum after a couple of searches… However it is quite possibly I just do not know the correct terminology…

you are looking for a profiler

There is also an eclipse Plugin: Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project.

I didn’t use it much yet, but its worth a try.

There is also a good profiler included in Netbeans

My IDE of choice for now is Eclipse. I will give your suggested options a try. Thank you for your suggestions, all.

jME 2.0 also includes some limited stats graphing abilities.

Turns out that the people at YourKit are very nice. Their homepage states that they offer a free ‘Open Source License’ to “Developers of Open Source projects, with an established and active community”. Fortunately they also accepted my project as one fitting under that category.

The point of the post being, I guess, that if you are also looking for a good profiler for your Open Source project, you should consider sending an e-mail to these guys. Here is the page for their licenses:

YourKit Profiler License page