Performance problems

I'm creating a game in which more than 200 Spheres (besides another objects) need to be

shown at the same time. FPS is really low (about 30 and there're many objects to be included).

I'm trying to dicrease the number and the size of objects created. All the Spheres are equal,

only the location changes. Should I create a new kind of Sphere? Should I try another way?

Is there any design pattern that can be applied? (Flyweight? I'm a beginner in Design Pattern).

Any suggestion is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

for Flyweight you can use the SharedMesh, but I dont think this will help so much. When you set and ubdate the ModelBound, the Objekt aut of the Frustum will be culled.

You should try the LOD of JME, like in

You can also try locking certain aspects of the scene graph for those objects.

SharedMesh really does help a lot…

What sphere are you creating? How many samples across and high? Can you handle a blockier sphere?

How big will they be on screen? About an inch wide? How about looking into the LOD examples? You wont need as much detail on your objects if they're small.