Peripheral Vision

I’d like to widen the vision of the peripheral vision of the camera so it doesn’t feel suffocating when the player is running. I couldn’t find anything in either settings or viewPort.

Anybody know how to do this?

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I think you mean “field of view” of the “camera”. …which is a setting of camera.

Or you can use a prebuilt class that takes care of some of the calls for you:

…or just copy what it does re: field of view.

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So, if you mean the draw distance, use cam.setFrustumFar(max) but this will include far objects in the renderer & may slow down the scene, so you have to figure out when should you do a max frustum & min frustum based upon the location of your player if its indoor or outdoor.

The upcoming v3.4 release adds a setter for Camera field of view.