"permanent" rotation of a TriMesh


I have some TriMeshes that have incorrect angle but I want the user to be able to rotate them in my jME application but not in Blender or else.

It's a bit tricky to explain as I'm not an advance user:

I would like to rotate a TriMesh when it is being loaded and rotate it thenafter so it gets the correct angle. But I don't want this mesh to save this rotation so we would obtain angles = 0 if we call getLocalRotation.

Maybe the way would be to change directly all the TriMesh its vertex coords after the rotation but I'm not good user enough to perform this I think.

Any idea ? Thanks  :slight_smile:

Rotate it by changing local rotation then create a new Node and attach the loaded node to it. After that use the new node as a reference to the model (it has local rotation 0).

thanks a lot Irrisor, that's a lot easier  :stuck_out_tongue: