Physical collision of crane

Hello, I am now doing a 3D operation in the development of the crane, crane jib requirements can be extended and up and down rotation, crane turntable can also rotate. Are now required to simulate the real situation requiring the collision stopped, but made by boundingBox and jme3 BetterCharacterControl itself can not do. I would like to ask how to do the collision detection cable can be used?I would like to do it with VehicleControl,but i don’t know how to set its parameters,such as setSuspensionCompression(),setSuspensionDamping(),setSuspensionStiffness(),setMaxSuspensionForce().

This sounds like a job for Bullet physics. A BubbleControl with appropriate shape for each moving part and each potential obstruction. The OverlapListener will then notify you when a collision occurs.

I would suggest a HullCollision shape, it should be good enough to model each part quite detailed