Physically Based Rendering – Part Three

Long overdue, what’s best to start a new year than a geek talk about PBR?
enjoy monkeys



Very cool! Thank you. I’m waiting for the part 4 with some code to play around :o)

Nice serie.

Well, this looks brilliant and loved the awesome result pictures from other threads.

But it completely flies over my head :D… due to personal limitations.

Is this something that can be used in “arcade” kinda games main loop where the fps is important or should I keep it in mind only for screens where, for example, the player can choose a car (where fps is less important, but graphics awesomness are what really counts)?

It can be used anywhere. This is an alternative to the current lighting material with a very small fps overhead. However there are more things to do at dev time (precompute environment maps) and the assets have to be compliant with this pipeline.
For now it works, but it’s not industrialised to the point you can use it easily. but I’m working on it.

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O.o… fantastic! Doct

Yayaya, i love you nehon ! That will be so cool !!!
Thanks again for all the explanations :slight_smile:

Just found a nice article for calculating LUT instead of using texture lookup. Might come in handy in special cases where texture lookups are expensive.


Ho nice, thanks.
Gonna try!

Another docs to read:

Since the new Forums are online I can’t find this (and other) articles anymore :frowning:

Yep that’s in the work, the blog will get back soon :wink:
Sorry for the inconvenience

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