Physics 2 in a windows 64 bit's plataform

Is any way to use jme Physics 2 in a windows  64 bits plataform?

i check out jme form

I use it and it dont seem to have a problem. I ran all the test programs and the only difference is that the objects and pictures look slightly different inside the program than they do in the pictures given on this site, but that is prob just hardware differences or something.

I used the instructions on this site to install JME2 and JME Physics 2, located here:

There also is a great youtube video here:

Besides, it couldnt hurt to install it. you could always uninstall it later.

On MacOSX, one can use 32bit Java even when the system is running in 64bit. Maybe that is possible on Windows as well?

If you need 64bit, ODEJava is old, unmaintained and has bugs, I'd rather not mess with it. Try the JBullet integration, its native Java, so no binary anyway…

i reformulate my question.

Is possible to compile de odejava.dll for a windows 64 bits platform. i try to compile ode ode.dll version that is used in odejava-jni used for physics 2 but i can't.

thks normen, i will try to install java 32 bit's on mi windows 7 64 bit's. then i tell u what happened

it works. tks