Physics and Cloth in Game

( sorry for my terrible English …)

I’m kind of new with JME.

When working with physics, i have some questions:

Is there a way to make a character run, and the back of his cloth fly in the air as the effect of the movement…

( That means the character’s mesh have some Bone Animation in it, and the Cloth Physics effect the back of his cloth (this mean mesh vertices selection) ) . Is this possible in JME 3…?

← This will definitely be a very good example about the power of JME3 if someone make it and post to the community… You can see something like this on nowaday game engine, may be in DXStudio , a game engine base from JMonkey2.

There is no cloth simulation in jbullet, “real” physics cloth will be available when the jme3 physics is moved to native bullet. jME2 has cloth in the ODE physics implementation, but the ode impl. has severe bugs.

To move animation bones via physics you could combine physics nodes with joints and make the bones move accordingly, an attempt at this was made with the PhysicsRagdollController, but I am afraid its quite a mess atm and not yet working… Still, a similar approach could work for you.



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Thanks for the very quickly reply, Normen!

About cloth + physics: … then we have to wait for this feature show up in JME3…

I have some more questions about Physics and Animation :

Now we can make the mesh’s vertices blow in the air in some other software and “record” the postion of the vertices down to XML Mesh Data (…it’s called Vertices Animation i think :smiley: ) … Is it possible to make JME play the vertices animation and then interact with it ( let’s say realize that this vertices have collide/contact with other object )…

(My English is poor !!!)

Vertex animation can be added easily, all the code is there and the mesh.xml format is documented. I don’t think its a crucial feature since I never saw any jME game use it.

Perhaps bullet physics can handle it with soft bodies.