Physics Collision Listener

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to create a house with some objects inside. Besides that, there is a character that can interact with the objects.

I create a RigidBodyControl for the objects and the house, and created a CharacterControl for the character.

I want to identify if there was a collision between the character and the objects or the walls. I wan’t to ignore the collision between the character and the floor.

So, I created a PhysicsCollisionListener(), but I keep getting the result of the collision with the floor.

How do I ignore this?



Check if its the floor and then drop the collision…

Im have kinda the same issues with my terrain. I’ve tried to use setCollideWith and setCollisionGroup (as i recall they are called), in order to ONLY get the collision with certain kind of objects (in this case food obj). But i must be stuipid, because the collision is still with other objects. So i guess, i’ll try to preFix my food objects names, and check on that in collision. But what did I gain then - i thought setting the a collision group to fx. 2, ignored all other groups that 2.


Terrain, weapons, trees = collision group 1

Food items = collision group 2

Rabbit collideWith collision group 2, when searching.

Theres a “collision group” bitset and a “collide with” bitset, the second item still has collidewith group 1. Its a bit more complicated but also more flexible. Check the javadoc on the corresponding methods.

OK, thanks :slight_smile: