Physics completely broken?

In one the latest updates, physics seem to break completely for me.

My dice are just floating in the air, not falling down, not rotating. TestCcd is not displaying anything. In TestBrickWall balls fall directly down instead of ‘shooting’ and fall through the floor. TestFancyCar disappears below the ground immediately.

Same thing is happening to me.

Version: Source: jMonkeyPlatform nightly svn

Was trying some pssm rendering, and updated. Then my physics character just falls through the terrain :frowning:

Having the same issues as abies with the TestBrickWall, and TestFancyCar.

The “falling objects” problem is fixed in svn, otherwise notice the latest changes in the physics system.

Thanks a lot - I confirm that all my problems got fixed in current svn. No idea why ‘falling object problem’ was manifesting as ‘dice floating in midair’ in my case, but it is all fixed now.