Physics delay makes camera lag around

I’m using the BetterCharacterControl, as well as a VehicleControl for a vehicle in the game. When either of the two are moving, there’s a small delay in the camera’s movement and the framerate fluctuates causing the camera to lag around on the axis of movement. It makes it look like the player or vehicle is shaking heavily. No messing with settings has changed anything, and it seems to get worse with Vsync disabled. Is there any fix for this?

Probably the camera position is updated before the physics updates the spatial. I don’t know enough about the physics setup to know how to reorder things. If you are using a CameraControl then it could just be a matter of making sure it’s added to the spatial after the character control.

Yeah, hard to say anyway when we don’t know how your camera moves at all.

@pspeed moving the CameraControl to after the Physics control helped for first person, so now I’m assuming I’ll have to do a similar thing for the vehicles seats. Allow the physics thread to update its position, then move the player accordingly. Thanks!