Physics design question:


I have a few design question regarding physics:

  1. Should i implement one physics listener which handles all the action required for all objects on the scene, or should each object implement it’s own physics listener and handle the action for itself (which would be a more practical implementation)

  2. I have 4 different groups of objects:

    -Static scene objects like terrain, buildings, vegetation

    -Moving (maybe even interactive) scene objects

    -NPC’ entitys.

    -The player.

    Now with the current implementation i cannot make the whole static scene solid because some objects do overlap, (Like some trees intersct with the terrain) or a lot of stones intersect in a quarry.

    The question is, is it possible to implement that the static scene objects do not collide with each other, but all other groups collide?

    (Static scene objects do not need to be RigidBody’s because i do not want them to be affected by the physics), on the other side i need to implement also real physic stones which falls down the mountain).

    I am gratefull of every bit of information about this topic.

    Thank you
  1. As you prefer
  2. If you just use mesh shapes for the static part, the don’t collide and can overlap without problems. In fact thats true for all static (mass=0) objects.