Physics editor

Hi all,

Currently we are trying to separate some editors in the MonkeyWorld3D to ease the development of the resources used in the editor, we have added the support for the new physics system from irrisor. We are doing some little neat editor for the physics, and we are making our best to make it a stand alone application.

Here are some screen shots of what do we currently having.

The current features:

  1. Ability to add any primitive physics node, dynamic and static.
  2. Ability to manage those physics shapes on the fly using the gizmos.
  3. Ability to manage the materials, and masses of the dynamic nodes.
  4. Ability to add a translation and rotational joints and edit their attributes. Also manage them with the gizmos, some bugs here thu :D.
  5. Ability to attach nodes to those joints in the runtime.
  6. Ability to activate/deactivate physics system, i.e. working with physics off/on.
  7. Ability to edit the ODE world step size and other attributes.

  8. Ability to save those geometries in jme format, not that hard thou.
  9. Ability to import already saved meshes with physics attributes.
  10. Conversion of nodes from static to dynamic and vise versa on the fly.
  11. Simple material library.



Looking good!  Maybe one day I'll actually be far enough along with a game to use it!

Of course the one good thing about taking ages is I'll be able to use an awesome stable release!

So yay for my procrastination  :lol:

As a side note if you use alt + print screen it'll just take a copy of the active window, that'll save you

time with all that cropping.

  • Chris

Thanks Gentleman Hal.

Of course the one good thing about taking ages is I'll be able to use an awesome stable release!

Hopefully its not going to take ages :P, and thanks for the remark.

A little update, I have added a facility to copy and past those physics objects, and some alignment commands, also added the command stack so that you will be able to undo redo you stuff. its really getting awsome.

Hopefully will continue with it.


Outrunner said:

Hopefully its not going to take ages :P

I meant me taking ages to make a game that required physics, not you taking ages! :)

Anyhoo, keep up the good work!

- Chris

This looks very nice.  :slight_smile:

I'm looking forward to a release of it.




what is the status of the editor?

Do you think to support something like collada?

However great project, I'm still choosing my engine( a binding to newton, ageia or bullet could be good), and development language… perhaps I'll go back to c++)…

At the moment I'm building around various robotic arm… I'll try to build one with this editor…

Make me know of any news

Sorry to revive this thread from death :D, but as for this physics editor, please see this thread about what is happening with it in MonkeyWorld3D RCP.