Physics engine: Maximum physics update interval is 0.2 seconds

Hello all,

I have a problem that, quite honestly, doesn't seem to make much sense.

A friend and I have written a game to test a concept, and on the main development machine, there is no problem running the software. The test machine is a Phenom II x4/ 4GBs of ram and he chose to keep his older GeForce 7900 series card. Full reflections and the physics engine seems to work just fine. Everything seems to work on that machine.

On another machine, a 2.7Ghz Sempron with 2GBs and a radeon hd 4200 everything works BUT reflections.

On another friends machine (i7, gobs of ram, and dual Radeon HD 5XXX). By all rights, this should be (nearly) the fastest machine I've ever seen.  And it hits the physics wall warning in the subject. For fun, I've changed the the warning to 1 second just to see if it generates a result, but there is no change.

I have seen similar results on the laptop I'm posting from now (turion with 4gigs/ Radeon X1200) sees the same issue.

Finally a similar problem (but not quite the same) on an older laptop (PIV HT, 2gb/older mobile ati card)

These last machines all suffer from the physics engine simply not running. Gravity appears to kick in, and that's it.

This is exactly the same code-base.

Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated.


You use jme2 and jmePhysics2?

Yes, jme2 rev.5613

and jme Physics 2 rev.220

It's killing me that on the heavy boxes I have an issue. If this was just the light boxes, I could understand it.