Physics Fun

A jME Physics playground to experiment with different Materials / Shapes / Gravity etc.

Its a work in progress, but its already a lot of fun to play around :slight_smile:

webstart (only java 6 i’m afraid)

in motion:

The svn project can be checked out at:

Very nice work. :)  If we could just tap into PhysX I would be able to have some serious fun with my PhysX card. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it might make sense to have a pluggable physics interface?  That way yo could have a default software calculated plug-in but people like da frog could write plug ins for whatever esoteric hardware they might be using. (Eg PhysX, NVidia's hardware lib, etc)

i might understand something wrong, but this already exists with jME Physics.

The ODE-java implementation is just the most complete and working but there are joode and irrisor started on the PhysX implementation also.

But there were some issues with PhysX i think and its not actively developed ?

wow great playground! I really miss the physics picker, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Minor bug: reflections are somewhat shifted (e.g. it does not reflect things near the floor).

Core-Dump said:

But there were some issues with PhysX i think and its not actively developed ?

that's true - I was quite disappointed by PhysX API and capabilities. But anyone who likes PhysX can continue the jME Physics implementation of course :)
  1. cool

is the GUI jMEDesktop??

Won’t run on OSX  :’(

well its about time that someone fixes jMEDesktop then :wink:

I actually gave up on jMEDesktop when I got fengGUI running correctly (no transparency issues)

(maybe it's just me but performance seems way better with fengGUI, no offense intended irrisor I actually think jMEDesktop is pretty amazing)

(although for a quick fix if you just remove the borders in jMEDesktop then it should run on OSX)

I was also thinking about making a physics playground, how hard would it be to allow 'custom' materials??  Then people could use it for a material test room, and that would be SUPER sweet!

(out of curiousity did the jBullet example I wiped up give you the idea for this?)

hmm actually yes i think after searching for jBullet and watching several physics demos here and there the idea came up i guess :slight_smile:

jMEDesktop is cool because its so easy to use and its part of jme core, its really a bummer that it has issues on MacOS.

Creating your own Material is not that much work i think, the GUI part to easily create them would be the hard thing i think.

btw. global Gravity adjustment, the Physics picker and a see-saw to play with are now implemented :slight_smile:

The GUI part needs a redo tho, maybe i take a look at GBUI, i never used it yet.

I honestly like fengGUI cause it's pretty much un-restrained and yields good performance, however (generally) this does make it more complex.

(In my own GUI I made widgets that 'grow/shrink' from the edges, instead of just popping in and out :))

yes i do like fengui too but as you said it makes things a bit more tricky, but maybe its a good example anyway :slight_smile:

maybe you could help building a nice gui for physics fun?

I would love to, however I am a little swamped at the moment

(haven't even touched my own game in almost 2 weeks  :-o )

maybe I can help out in a week or 2 :slight_smile: