Physics/Game Hardware scaling?

Hi folks, my game is progressing…slowly…

I have started doing some testing against different hardware, (android, desktop, laptop).

Naturally fps follows this order:

android: slowest (40-60fps)

desktop: fastest (2800-3000fps)

laptop: medium 240-340

Nothing to surprising there.

On android I have currently ‘tweaked’ configs for phsyics, (substeps,accuracy), and less to no lighting, etc, and plays ‘just fine’.

On the laptop however I’m using the original settings from my test desktop.

On the laptop, the velocity of the ball spikes significantly more then on the desktop, to essentially unacceptable levels. (I’m essentially thinking I will have to add a max-velocity check, etc…)

but my real question is…are there any ‘good,recommended’ practices on implementing these physics tweaks in a programmable/ manageable way…

I take I will likely need to some with some psuedo bench mark my game runs and pick some from a series of configs (very-low,low,medium,high,ultra, etc)…The game is primarily targeted for android, with my reference platform an asus prime-300 (which I’m hoping to place into the medium/high category spec).

note: I’m already planning on having a low/medium/high config that is selectable, but at the moment that only addresses graphics and not anything on that physics config…maybe I will need to have some type of manual physics selection as well…ug…if only we all had 1 device :frowning: