Physics in multiplayer


I’m going to make a multiplayer game with physics. Is there any library which can provide synchronization of objects and other stuff related to multiplayer physics? :slight_smile:

Look at in JME3 Examples for synchronization :wink:

Yeah… but I’m talking about JME2, not JME3 :expressionless:

If you are using JME2, what you want to look for is JGN

here is their forum

Yeah! It’s exactly what I need!

But I can’t even get jgn to work :open_mouth:

This link is a bit outdated is not working, so I used the link on their forums and successfully got JGN from svn, nice!

But I cannot run any test in JGN, it says “The selection cannot be launched, and there are no recent launches”

What can I do ? :open_mouth:

(I’m using eclipse)