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Project name: JMEPhysics JBullet integration


Buggy, but more stable.  Most features are working.  New code is checked in at http://jmephysics.googlecode.com/svn/branches/jbullet-integration

Supported Features:

All JMEPhysics collision shapes.

Basic Collisions, w/ SOME materials modifiers.

Collision Groups handled correctly.

ContactCallbacks wired up:

  -Some contact properties are not modifiable.

  -'Ignore' flag does not work.

Correct collision events generated.

PhysicsCallbacks  wired up.

PhysicsPicker implemented.

Some joint axis properties supported.

Joints - 1x translational axis (Slider)

           1x rotational axis (Hinge)

           3x rotational axis (6DegreesOfFreedom) (in the future, with 3x translational as well)

           0x axis (fixed)

Planned (but not yet implemented) Features:

Correct materials handling.

Joints - 2x rotational axis (ConeTwist)

           2x rotational axis (2-hinge)

All joint axis properties supported.

Other stuff - JBullet feature specific support if desired or necessary, and or other requests.

Bugs / Known Issues

-Some oddness with static nodes where attached physics shapes have their own local translation.

-Forces are not always applied correctly.

-2 Hinge joints do not work, and WILL NOT until JBullet library implements the proper classes.

-PendingContact (part of the ContactCallback architecture) has an ignore flag that cannot be wired up to JBullet give its current architecture.

-MOST joint properties (springiness, any kind of force / feedback) are not yet ported over in JBullet, or are implemented differently enough that they are not possible to translate.


A while back, I started in on integrating JBullet into JMEPhysics.  After a bit of time, and only moderate success-ish kinda results, I had to drop it due to time constraints.  Now that I have a bit more time, and little progress seems to have been made since I left it, I'm going to try to finish it off, at the request of one of the moderators.

Used API's:

  • jME2

  • JMEPhysics 2

  • JBullet

Active Members:

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Great to have you back falken! I really hope some physics gurus decide to jump on this, as integrated physics is key in making JME a genuine game engine.

This is fantastic news!  Keep up the great work

excellent news…

Quick update:


Just checked in an update to the new jbullet-integration branch.


Check it out.  Let me know what's still busted.


Just a quick bump with project status changes.