Physics library:

A project called odejava was approved today to It is a fully fledged physics engine for Java that uses ODE as it’s actual physics library. Basically odejava is nothing more than a wrapper for ODE.

This might have it’s place for jME as well, I hope jME users and developers also participate to this project in various ways. Current discussion forums are on (registration required), but better forums area are hopefully coming through soon.

There’s four demos included on the current package (on windows execution is easy), but I have added linux and mac (OSX) native libraries also as a separate files.


Odejava version 0.2 is released. I am commiting the files now. See for information on how to checkout it from the CVS. You can also browse project files and documentation using your browser.

I have started this thread for people to comment Odejava’s higher level API and other support libraries like Xith3D toolkit library.

Higher level API has just been started.

All comments are welcome. Documentation is not complete, also API still needs some work. There exists couple examples that show you how easy it is to use.

Lower level API is stable and works very well.

There exists one simple example, documentation from ODE’s own site works perfectly as the API is one to one with ODE’s own interface.

Toolkit: Odejava-Xith3D

There exists a helper class which automatically binds Odejava objects into Xith3D shapes (or transformgroups if the object is complex).

Toolkit: Odejava-Jme and Odejava-Openmind

These are coming up.

Happy Christmas for everyone!