Physics reactivity

Hey, I’m wondering : is there a way to improve reactivity of an application using physics objects ?

I mean, the moves generated by the whole physics stuff present in jME are very realistic and smooth but it remains quite slow. I’d like to make my application run at least twice as fast even more (to make it more dynamic) so I was thinking that maybe there were a kind of parameter dealing with inner time of something like that I could set up.

Thx !

Don’t know if it’s the best solution, but you can make all objects half the size.

Yeah, your objects are possible just too huge. 1 unit = 1 meter when you use physics. You can increase the general speed of the application (animations too) by setting e.g. speed=2; in SimpleApplication

The size tip is good to know :wink: I’mma try it.

But regarding the speed thing, how do I use it cause I’ve watched to the SimpleApplication code and i can’t see any speed variable. Could you give me an example of how to set the speed up please ?

in initSimpleApplication:

[java]speed = 2;[/java]

Oo I tried it but I was actually putting it in the main -_-’ thinking I was in the init… sry.

Edit : Indeed, WAY better… exactly what I was lookking for thx.