Physics Tutorials

Hello Everybody,

I am new to JME and I installed JME2 using the guide and its working fine as well as the tutorials. But Jme2physics tutorials are not working fine.

When I try to run which is under following pat com>jmetest>physicstut> it says 'Editor does not contain main type'

On right click properties of the project under java build path in the projects library I have jme2 and i did remove jme2 missing before that.

Under libraries section on the right, I have junit.jar - jME Physics 2/ant/lib and odejava-jni.jar - jME Physics 2/impl/ode/lib and I never had joode.jar(In the guide its written that you should remove it as it is not needed actually)

Thank you,


I guess you use Eclipse?

Lesson 1 - 8 are in the jmephysics/tutorial folder, this folder is not set up as source folder by the default eclipse project settings.

To fix it, go to project properties -> Source -> Add Folder … -> select tutorial -> Ok -> Ok.

Now it should compile those classes too and you will be able to launch 'em. (need to close already open Lesson*.jva files)