Physics Warnings in the console

I am not yet using Minie but I’m willing to try porting my project and being the primary tester for #1351

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I highly recommend using Minie. It was incredibly easy for my team to Port our existing engine to Minie. Iirc we only had to change one class usage.


I’ll put together a hotfix ASAP.

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Amazing Stephen. Thanks a lot!

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I’ve published Minie v1.6.1 . It depends on both Heart v5.2.1 and JME v3.3.0-stable.

Note that Minie replaces both jme3-bullet and jme3-bullet-native.

If you’re using Gradle, here’s a snippet:

repositories {
dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.stephengold:Minie:1.6.1'

Let me know if you encounter any difficulty with Minie or have any questions about transitioning from jme3-bullet to Minie.

Edit: Also let me know if it solves this issue for you!


Hi Stephen. I see that using Minie affects quite a few portions of my code.
Some minor compatibility issues (no problem) and some major issues with animation and character control.
I need to carefully read the docs and follow best practices to make it work.
I think I need to do the porting in my product’s next version as a main feature and not just for solving the crash…

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I ended up solving the physics crash by running the JME application in a separate process as Danie suggested.
Thank you very much Stephen for the genuine will to solve things fast.
Next, I’m going to port my product to Minie. I guess I will also need to upgrade Advanced Vehicles lib.
@sgold Should I post Minie questions in the Troubleshooting - physics or is there a dedicated sub forum for it?

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“No worries” about not switching to Minie right away.

I’d been thinking 1351 might deserve a hotfix; your post supplied the extra motivation I needed. Very likely someone will benefit from Minie 1.6.1.

For discussion, my preference is:

How-to questions fall in a gray area. Such questions could go into either category, I suppose, depending on how Minie-specific they are.

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