Physics Zones

Hi all,

This is not in the current feature plan, but i think we can add it in for 0.6/0.7 if enough people want it. This is very much like the fluid idea, you have “zones” which they have different physics. I.e. their gravity can be changed. So you have two zones, one has a gravity of upwards, teh other has point gravity. They can both co-exist together.

This is “relatively” easy to code, but will require some changes to the API.

The nice thing about this is that this isn’t like Nodes, where its a parent-child relationship. Its more like human-planet relationship, the human can travel between planets (the planets are the zones) and experience different gravity and whatnot.

What do you people think? Good/bad idea? Needs more information?



With this kinda feature you can create streams in the water, air flows or other usefull things.

I vote for a yes :slight_smile:

Good idea :slight_smile: