PhysicsCharacterNode speed of movement

I've got what hopefully will be an easy question to answer:

The PhysicsCharacterNode has setWalkDirection(), which accepts a vector for direction of movement.

Is that vector given for the walk direction, moved every game loop update(), every bullet update or every real time second?

e.g. setWalkDirection(Vector( 1f, 0, 0))

does x increase by 1 every game loop update, bullet update or every second?

I cannot find the answer, as when looking into the code I find a method being called on KinematicCharacterController (from jbullet) which is not in the version of jBullet source I've got, so a dead end there and also the jBullet site was down at the time of writing this :frowning:



Its a normal bullet velocity vector, so its meters/second.



Ah, meters per a second - makes sense.

Thanks for clearing that up Norman!