ATM the PhysicsDisablingController is pretty hardwired to the DynamicPhysicsObject. I'd like to make these changes:

  • remove everything that has to do with it in DynamicPhysicsObject.
  • change it so that it, in the update method, takes use of the active flag stored in com.jme.scene.Controller.

    Basically you'll trigger it through the Controller interface instead of the DynamicPhysicsObject.

    Anyone has got any problems with this? I've never used this feature myself, and DP is the creator of it, so I don't know if it'll cause any subtle problems or be inconvenient in some way.

If the PhysicsDisablingController is not created by default but has to be created by application code, I like the change  :slight_smile:

Yup, it has to be activated through DynamicPhysicsObject.setFrustumDisable(boolean).

I'll go ahead and commit this.