PhysicsNodes and Movement

I have a PhysicsNode that I want to rotate and move with the arrow keys (or WASD keys) using adapted turn and move methods from the flyby camera. What I'm trying to do is use force and torque to move and rotate instead of player.move(Vector3f) and player.setLocalRotation(Quaternion) which cause the node to not be affected by PhysicsSpace as long as the keys are held down. For rotation, I tried using player.setPhysicsRotation(q.toRotationMatrix()) however the rotation matrix only rotates so far before stopping. My question is: how do I replicate the results of the flyby camera's rotate and move methods with a PhysicsNode so PhysicsSpace still affects the node?

If you're using PhysicsNode, you should modify the force and torque in order to move the object, rather than use setLocal*** methods, as those override the physics simulation.