PhysicsNodeSerializer, physicsNode and SpiderMonkey serialization

Is it possible to send physicsNode objects through the network?

Because AFAIK, in the serialization package PhysicsNodeSerializer lacks. Am i wrong? It will be added or it must found another solution for placing bullets in the game using spiderMonkey?

Thanks in advances


It doesnt really make sense, you should synchronize physics objects that have been created on the client / server side.

It doesnt really make sense, you should synchronize physics objects that have been created on the client / server side.

Why not?
In my game, server and clients send status Messages to each other to synchronize the events. In this status there are info about HP, positions, rotations and an array of objects created from MyBulletClass, which is a class who extends the PhysicsNode. In that way each time the player shoots from a gun, an instance of MyBullets is created and added to this array in addition to be added to physicsBulletSpace and rootNode, obvious. After that, the client [for example] should send to the server his statusMessage with all these info in the inside. Isn't a really simple way to synch all the events?
I though so, but at the moment isn't possibile to send a statusMessage who contains an array of objects who extend PhysicsNode. So this way isn't viable.

For now I've created a second class who contains only the main info of a MyBulletClass [position, velocity and mass from the principal PhysicsNode and other properties from the extended class] and each time a bullet it is shot, first it will update this instance and then this info are collected inside the statusMessage and this latter is sent to the server.
Better ways?

If you are making a first person shooter you probably shouldn’t be making a new physics node for every bullet fired and attaching it to the scene. If you have 3 players and all have a machine gun with 100 bullets and all fired the entire clip at the same time. You are going to have 300 objects in your scene. I could be extremely wrong about this but my first guess would be to try and fake the bullets. Basically just use ray-casting and particles / animations to make it look like what you are trying to accomplish. So your message would send the information about where the client wants to cast the ray (shooting), the server checks if it hits anything and go from there. Again I could be totally wrong but I just dont think adding all the geometry is the best approach when you shoot.

PS. Also you usually dont see the bullet while its in flight towards you, you usually will see the character firing animation (including sparks and sometimes beginning of a tracer) then you will see the impact of the bullet.

Good luck!

Yeah, scrubalub is probably right.