PhysicsPoint2PointJoint - please add setters

In com.jme3.bullet.joints.PhysicsPoint2PointJoint there are no setters to access the underlaying constraint settings “damping”, “impulseClamp” and “tau”.

So I wrote:

[java]((Point2PointConstraint) sliderJoint.getConstraint()).setting.damping = 1f;

((Point2PointConstraint) sliderJoint.getConstraint()).setting.impulseClamp = 5f;

((Point2PointConstraint) sliderJoint.getConstraint()).setting.tau = .1f;[/java]

Please add setters. :slight_smile:

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Added to svn.



thank you

Please add also a setter for the adaptative-flag in

Thanks in advance!

The adaptative flag is likely to change/disappear that’s why i didn’t give the user the control over it to ensure backward compatibility.