Picking portions of animation

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          I have a milkshape model uploaded in JME with pre-defined animations. Is it possible for the user to somehaow just pick portions of the animation and view them ? Actually what I have is an animation of 10 strokes being played. I want to break it into parts so that the user can view each stroke separately.

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if you know the start and end time of each animation you can simply provide a list for the user where he can select an animation by name and then call animationController.setTimes(start, end);

Thnx for the reply… But I am not using AnimationController… I am using JointController… Could you please tell me the variables needed to be altered for start and end time in JointController… Hamster… I guess u hav worked a lot on JointController…


JointController also has a method called setTimes

Ok great… I checked out the settimes method and its working only for the last value I give…

i.e. if I give a series of setTimes… it works only for the last setTime specified…

I think I need to use simpleupdate to observe different parts of the animation… can you please tell me how to go about it…

I want the user to view one portion of the animation, say frame 100-190 and then go back to 1-90…to whatever he wants…


I asked this on a different thread… I am using a jscrollbar with the animation… what exactly do I need to specify in simpleupdate to integrate the scrollbar with the animation…



The setTimes method does not store what you used previously… It sets the range of frames for the animation. In your example you would use setTimes(100, 190) and go back to setTimes(1, 90).

That I understand very well momoko… however my question is that why is this code in simpleUpdate not working ?

buttonpress changes its value when I press 'enter' or 'space bar'

if(buttonpress == 0)

else if(buttonpress == 1)

else if(buttonpress == 2)

Is there any refresh button or something like that ?
Could you direct me to  any example which uses the setimes like this ?



is the animation still active when you press a button ?

Maybe you can post some more code so we can see why it doesent work.

if your jointcontroller is set to the RepeatType RT_CLAMP you need to call setActive(true) after settimes().

a post regarding RT_CLMAP

the other post about the same topic, with a little example