PiP possible? (Fixed and working)

Is it possible to set up PiP (Picture in picture) using two cameras?

The first camera should use the whole screen, the second should be overlapping the screen camera. I’ve looked into the wiki and forum posts but couldn’t find anything on that subject.

My tests also weren’t successful.

Maybe it could be hacked (possibly using some z-ordering)?

What i would do is render the PiP scene to a frame buffer and apply the rendered texture on a quad on the screen in ortho mode.

Look at the TestSimpleWater, the reflection/refraction and depth textures are rendered on the screen for debug purpose.

Then look in the SimpleWaterProcessor how it’s done.


I’ll take a look at that.

Hmm, something like TestRenderToTexture?

It is also possible with multiple viewports, see TestMultiViews

Thanks for all your answers. I now have a PiP using MultiViews. :slight_smile: