Pipeline for multiobject models with animations

I’m using blender so the question based on its terminology.

I use multiple additional objects per models such as backpacks, weapons, standards, breastplate and so on to increase detalization. It is modelled and textured as separate objects and is added to the main body via child constraints. It can be easily imported to blender (via ogre as well as directly from .blend file). The questions is how can I import animation that contains multiple objects? Constraints has no effect on ogre and should be baked as rigged animation. How should this be done? I’ve tried bake action operator and it creates separates animations on per-object base. But this animations is buggy (may be because all other objects have root bones doesn’t meet importing requirements).

What way of importing multiobject animation is recommended?

The way to this is to use an identical rig for all accessory objects (same as model), then you can attach them to the model. To update the animated skins list, you have to remove and then add the SkeletonControl.