PirateHell beta

Ahoi monkeys,

I proudly present you: the beta-state!


So how long will it take now? That depends how fast I can figure out how to publish the game and finish the last tasks. But it looks promising.

Also I’ve did a bunch of updates on indiedb:

Also I’m trying to release it on desura.

And from today on, I’m on steam Greenlight.

I think steam would be the jackpot. The community is incredible large. After 5 hours I had over 1000 views. So if you have a steam-account: Vote!

I think it’s an appropriate moment to get excited:




Whee. Looking good.

If I were making this I would use cartoon style graphics that jme can do nicely.

Also, how come you use no shadows ?

Yay! I’m wondering why you don’t push OS X on the Steam Greenlight page as well? Surely you’ve got enough friends here running OS X to help out with testing :slight_smile:

I gave you a greenlight vote, good luck :slight_smile:

@zurg: Naah, I like the semi realistic touch of the ships. They look a bit cartoonish but also realistic which was the goal I was aiming for.

I’m not using shadows because I hadn’t it on my task list. Currently I’m just damn happy that the beta phase is on the run.

@Skye Book: As you’re saying that I remember: normen is a mac user and he is testing the game for the audio stuff. So we already have at least one macOS tester.^^

Wow, nice work.

Sweet, lets get you greenlit!

And thumbed up on Greenlit. :slight_smile:

So to push things forward and kick myself into the lazy ass to finish all up I pressed the “publish now” button on desura. Well we’ll see what comes next. ^^

(and, damn, the word “pirate” was definitely my word of the year…)

Greetings all monkeys and a happy new year!

So what’s up with the pirates?

First I got a new job and getting into it is quite a task. So I have not much power for game coding. Nethertheless I HAVE power to code so all will continue.

Then I got civ5 and… what can I say. It’s the same issue like the one with Skyrim last year (But my mighty english nation conquered half the world and was finally victorious. So I can go back to pirateHell)

As I’m currently continue to get a hoster for my game I also have some new stuff to improve it on my todo-list:

  • random levels: I want to have randomly generated levels. I got this request so often that I cannot ignore it anymore
  • items and stuff: Currently collecting gold is cool but collecting improvements, upgrades or just hilarious stuff like the rubber duck of death is way more fun
  • awesome hilarious ocean water: The current water shader is cool but I want more (This is experimental and I don’t know if I can manage this task. If this fails: who cares…)
  • a local world map: Yes! A world map where you can travel around, find secret stuff, get bonus missions and so on
  • the bounty hunter mode: I got this one from the steam community and think its a cool idea. Here and there the player can accept tasks to catch or fight a special enemy. These foes could be everything (A mighty sea monster, a traitorous captain, a cursed ships from the ancient world)
  • world context: What…? Well this just means there’s going to be a world where this game will happen. There will be no epic story and no mighty super villain who tries to destroy all people. It’s just to have a background foundation for the game where all the myths and tales can happen.

So all this is really much work. I think I will add these things step by step and release them as addOns after I get the first version public.

And to show you that I’m not just talking but also working: here’s a roughtly pre-alpha version of the map of the world:

Thanks for your attention.


And here a short preview of the first water-tests. I implemented the gerstner waves algorithm:



Those waves are nice! Although they look a little…tiled… from high up.

@zarch: yeah. Funfact about it is that the shader is working on a terrain quad (so to say its earth that looks like water^^). Currently I’m trying to realize an ocean water that uses Fast Fourier Transformations bases on a work of this guy:

Those are really good looking waves IMO!

Awesome! Great work!

Very inventive use of terrain! For an alternative approach, did you by any chance see the “BuoyancyControl” by @husky ? (assuming buoyancy is part of your goal for these experiments.)

@erlend_sh: Hehe, the terrainquad is just a pace holder. I definitely need my own meshtype for this. And thanks for the link. This should help for the ship control.

Hello again monkeys.

The attached video shows a water-simulation driven by a god forsaken nightmare of math. I have to admit that I have no idea whats going on in the algorithm. I adapted the stuff from keith lantz from this post:

and this

Instead of his fourier transformation I used the jTransform api (which is heavily focused on performance).


So now comes the shader part (which could be tricky 'cause I’m bad at it).


Nice… I guess one will want to access that data on the java side often enough… Its always borderline deciding if it should be done by a geometry shader or by modifying the mesh directly, I guess it makes sense to do it on the CPU side, especially for sea-based games. Also to tie things like physics etc. together.

That’s awesome!

@ceiphren said: So now comes the shader part (which could be tricky 'cause I'm bad at it).

You could base your shader on the waterShader. The “shading” part is not very heavy, so you’d have awesome waves with awesome colors…