Pivot node in lemur

I’m trying to animate a loading spinning circle in lemur. If I just add a lemur Label with my image as a background to my Container, it rotates around the wrong point. Okay, no problem, I’ll just add a pivot node, right? Well no. Adding a Node to a Container produces some error that Node is not a GUI element. So I tried with Panel as the parent container. Now it doesn’t crash, but nothing is visible on the screen.
What is the proper way to do a pivot node in lemur?

Yes… if you call addChild() then you are adding a GUI element child. If you call attachChild() then you are attaching a general Spatial just like any other JME node.

But if you want the label to pivot then I don’t understand why you are adding a node to the container. Wouldn’t you want the node to be the parent of the label? Why is the label in a container if you are going to rotate it? (This will really confuse the container.)

You will have to explain more why adding the label to a node and rotating the node isn’t possible in this case.

Okay, I probably explained this wrong.
The hierarchy goes like this:

  • Container
    • Button
    • Pivot node
      *Label with icon background

And the label is nowhere to be seen

Since it’s not managed by the container anymore, it probably doesn’t have a size or anything.

From my experience, if you want to rotate or layer multiple elements above each other it’s best to just go past the container structure and do an attachChild() on that container, then handle the positioning and resolution scaling as needed.