Pixelating Textures

Nice Engine Guys.

I would like to load a small texture 16x16 on to large polygons with out the interpolation.

I don’t like the blurring that happens by default and I would like to avoid making really big textures with big blocks of pixels being the same color.

The game I am trying to make has allot of emphases on pixel art.

Thanks a head of time. :slight_smile:

So after messing around I found the answer:

[java] Material mat_stl = new Material(assetManager, "Common/MatDefs/Misc/SimpleTextured.j3md");

Texture tex_ml = assetManager.loadTexture("Textures/creetCube.png");


mat_stl.setTexture("m_ColorMap", tex_ml);


The key line of code being:

[java] tex_ml.setMagFilter(Texture.MagFilter.Nearest);[/java]

Hope this helps people.

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