Planet Dash Videopreview :D

Do thumb up if you like it :slight_smile:

It’s not on android yet because I got weard errors and AndroidHarness does not exsist.

But this is how it looks at my computer atm.

Let me know what you think :smiley:


Nice work!

I couldn’t quite tell from the video, but was your ship being affected by the gravity of the planets as they passed by?

Cool! Where’s the wip voxel game :)?

Love it! “Which doesn’t exist yet…” Priceless!!

Really nice work so far!

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@glaucomardano yeah bout that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I sorta stopped working on that game just before making it voxel… I might continue it

but this one is to a programing exam in school so I have to prioritize this one first.

@feengur yes, it’s affected by gravity, you can’t rotate or affect the rocket in any other way than to boost it’s current direction speed :slight_smile:

Cool! Is there any gravity and can one do swing-by maneuvers? :smiley:

Nice work man. Gameplay looks promising.

@survivor yes. That is the point of the game. To use gravity to swing by planets to finaly reach the end destination.

I was so happy with my design of the stargate that I decided to make a logo of the game :slight_smile:

Instead of entering a blackhole ur suppose to enter a stargate. Mainly because it’s hard to spot a blackhole in a dark universe :stuck_out_tongue:

So heres the logo with the AWSOME, totaly made by me, stargate :slight_smile:

nice work man, cool solution for the “seeing a black hole in space” issue. Stargates are cool :wink:.