Planetary Rendering using JME

Hey JME community,

I`ve recently moved over from Ogre to JME to be able to use my most favorite programming language - Java and benefit most of Darkstar.

My research area includes planetary rendering, planetary MMO-s, so therefore my question…

… how do you introduce custom terrain rendering into JME, which is planetary based… possibly galaxy-based.

There's my very imcomplete (there I warned you) "infinite terrain" solution:

That would support endless terrain in all directions (with some clever hacking it would also allow you to circle the planet). However it does not supporting zooming in/out on a planetary scale…

I know how to do it. But my question is how to do it in jME.

Basically what you do is you have six rectangles. Each one is quadtree.

Each one is also one side of a cube. You calculate (based on error metrics and distance) How deep

quadtree must be opened up and show that much data (higher levels are given and deeper synthesized).

Then you transform 2D rectangle with matrix to right place(relative to cubes centre) and map

cube coordinates to sphere.

That`s how I did it in Ogre.