Plans for 0.7

Ok, devs, what are the plans for 0.7? 0.7 was originally sceduled to be partitioning (BSP, octree, portals, etc). However, I’ve changed my priorities somewhat and decided that a full featured ASE/3DS loader is more important (this is the most requested item). So, I will be focusing solely on that for the next release. I will also be taking up the User’s Guide again. This time, I’m going to have it be much more a community effort (I’ll be continually asking for opinions/help/etc). I’m going to do my best to get a first draft before 0.7, we’ll see how that goes.

What are everyone else’s goals?

As time (and understanding) permits, I’m willing to help with the user manual. I feel I have a good layman’s perspective on “that thar three-dee programmin’”, so perhaps whatever I write will be at the introductory level, somewhat along the lines of what’s in the existing user manual.

So far, I can probably write something up on height maps, image widgets, input actions, and maybe basic scene nodes.

Even if I can’t contribute useful content, I’m available for editorial duties.


I’m more than willing to accept any contributions. How I integrate it into the guide is unknown at this point, but any material given to me will most likely make it in, in some form.

This time, I don’t think I am going to do any formatting. I am going to just write the material and once the material is finished, tackle formatting. My formatting skills are just above those of my dog.

Anyways, I will make this as open as possible so feel free to edit/contribute anything you can. I’ll be posting drafts in cvs, so you’ll be able to get updated versions as I work on it.

I can guarantee that I’ll have, at the very least, a preliminary implementation of fragment programs. If I have time, I’ll write up another vertex program test in addition to a fragment program test.

School is becoming increasingly hectic (as mojo suggested, I’m still getting “hammered” in school :)), so I can’t guarantee any sort of schedule except to say that it’ll be done prior to the release of 0.7.

im afraid my situation is the same as eric. I have exams from 14th of may till 22nd of June. When i have time, i will try and fix the transients with the new orthographic things, it should be a treat.

2) Get VolatileZapper 2 – Return of the mutants finished for the competition as it will be good representation of what jME can do at this early stage.

Is that ok? or do you want me to do more?

My plans include implementing one or more atmosphere options and adding functionality to lens flare (as well as my usual mishmash of assistance in whatever place I might be wanted. :))

I also plan to get back to my own game a bit more now that jme has much of what I need to do that.