Hi Arman,

I was wondering if you had future plans for the sound portion of the API. What else are you wanting to complete with the sound package? And when do you think you’ll get done? I know you are really busy with work right now, so there is no hurry. Just curious.


Well as you said I have some troubles in my life and they are just starting to get worse…

By the way, I have plans for the sound part for sure.

I am not so happy with the 3D movement because it’s not moving soft enough. So I’ll be correcting that.

I also plan to have predefined filters on the sound. For exaple sound distortion filter, or a filter that modifies the playing sample in a virtually closed or opened area ( a room filter, wide area filter).

I also have to think about a way to make an entity play several sounds(character’s steps + summon spell ). For the moment several sounds can be played at the same time but not from the same Entity


Ok, looks good. I am looking forward to the filters especially.

I’m sorry to hear about your job. I hope you find a replacement soon. Good luck!